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Unfortunately one of the main contributes to people being overweight is not only the quality of food people are eating which is simple carbohydrates and sugar or even drinking sugary drinks it is the length of time people are eating and drinking in the day. When you are feasting longer than you are fasting you are not letting your sugar level and hormone go down and giving you body a chance to use storage energy as fuel.

These days people are having 6 to 8 meals in the day which includes main meals and snacks. Thinking they need to eat consistently in the day to boost metabolism and to lose weight when there is no scientific evidence to back this up

We are either consuming calories or burning calories so if you are consuming in a time frame more than you are not again this will lead to a good chance of gaining weight. Let me give you an analogy that I had recently shared with a few of my clients. Just imagine you had 2 24ml cups which represent hours in the day. One is labeled Feast and the other Fast. I pour in the feasting cup the hours you have been consuming food for. Lets say for example you start eating at 6:30am in the morning starting with breakfast and the last meal is say 8:30pm at night which could be an evening snack.

So you have been ‘feasting for 14 hours so lets add 14mls of water. Then we need to add 10mls as that is the time you have been ‘fasting’ for. So this shows feasting has been done longer than fasting. Now let’s continue this for 7 days. At the end of 7 days the about water comes to 98 for feasting while fasting comes to 70. So this does not even up. Now if you were half and half then you would have a good change that you could main weight given that you are eating 100% clean. But if you switch it around you would be fasting 98 and feasting 70mls. Which is 14:10 in intermitting fasting terms on a daily bases.

Given that you are not snacking and also eating 80 to 90% healthy which is avoiding simple carbohydrates and sugars and that when you are feasting you are doing this twice a day that you are eating til you are satisfied no more than in a one hour window you would have a good chance of losing weight. As you giving the stored energy in your body a chance to burn and with this you will drop body fat.

Remember fasting is about giving your body a rest from feasting which could be a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 or even 24 hour period.

Johnny Musumeci

Wellness Coach

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