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Aspire Boxing 4 Kids

Looking to improve your child's confidence, health, fitness or increase mental alertness and mental health?

With Aspire Boxing Health & Fitness 4 Kids we teach fitness boxing technique and boxing with body resistance exercises.  


But also I am able to train children with weights sessions

I currently train children and the confidence I have seen in them has been amazing which gives them more mental alertness, improves mental health and gets them off technology. 


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Our Focus


This is more important today than ever as with what is going on in the world today and this is the main reason for me starting this program.


We need to keep ourselves moving during this time of us being more sedentary than ever due to either self isolation or less movement.


As we are moving less we require less calories but during this time people are more stressed and bored. Again this is due to being more sedentary, self isolation and less movement.



Phone/SMS: 0409 928 175


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