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LIve Online Classes

What Will You Get?

You will have access to daily live online classes from Monday to Saturday. From early morning to midday and early evenings. Timetable and links are available each week

You will be able to have access to chats and tips around nutrition to suit your goals and lifestyle.

After the class and one dedicated session is around mental health. This is where the members of the group can come together in a safe and friendly environment to talk, share stories and have some fun.

You will access to Aspire Groupies page which is for clients only. On this page is a range of information around exercise, nutrition, mindset and motivation. It is a safe and friendly environment in which everyone on the group is looking to improve or maintain their health and we all work together. Plus, you will have access to a personal trainer and wellness coach


The benefit to the live online classes is that you will have access to a trainer live which is more motivating plus we are here to make sure you get the best workout for your body and fitness goals.


Also, it is a great way to not only improve your physical health but also your mental health as exercise is not always about losing weight or increasing muscle mass.


Plus, you will be working out with others in a safe and friendly environment who will also encourage and motivate you. You will feel mentally and physically stronger once you finish a live online class.


Plus, minimal or no equipment required except for space to do a workout. These workouts can be done in or outdoors.

Who is it for

The live online classes are for people who...

  • Are Struggling with their mental or physical health

  • Are Waiting to improve their fitness

  • Want to Be part of a supportive an encouraging community to improve their health

  • Are Wanting support with exercise, nutrition or both

  • Don’t want to be part of a gym and have the convenance of workout out from home

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Being in COVID lockdown from late July, we have not been able to train one on one with Johnny at Aspire Boxing, Health & Fitness.


However, our ever-inventive Johnny and fitness guru has adapted once again and started his online ZOOM classes, continually changing them to suit the needs of all of his clients, with little to no equipment at home.


These classes vary from AMRAP sessions, Endurance, Nutritional support, Boxing (whether you are a single or couple), to a WineDown session on Fridays to help with the mental side of our changing environment of today.


Johnny is always there to guide, encourage and support each client in their session of choice, as well as reducing the cost to help out whilst some of us are struggling financially. You can come to as many or as few classes as you want for a flat rate each week!


Everyone is welcome and it is just fantastic to meet and train with other clients I don’t normally get to train or interact with.

Keep up the great work Johnny, I’m sure you are keeping us all a little fitter, stronger and saner than would otherwise be the case. You are our lifestyle champion!

Michael Straker

As Covid and our lockdown hit I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I knew I needed something but didn’t know what. When Johnny announced that he was starting the 6am zoom sessions I thought I would give it a go. So I rolled out of bed, got dressed and walked into my living room and the zoom class. It was awesome, I have gone every day for the last 4 weeks and I feel so much better. My head has cleared, I’m thinking more clearly during the day and I can feel my fitness coming back. Thanks Johnny for an awesome start to my busy day.

Louise Lennox

“Absolutely loving it.”

Lockdown hit most of us pretty hard, for me it was my ability and motivation to exercise. I had been going to a local gym for a couple of years but was still using the same four or five exercise machines and finding myself there less and less often.

I was invited to the online group training through friends who had really benefited, so I thought I would give it a go.

Why I will keep coming back

Every class is different – Boxing, Endurance and Interval training – never the same routines twice.

Not Just fitness training - Nutritional Advice and Mental Health are also an important part of Aspire’s philosophy.

Johnny’s passion is always on show with a complete approach to our health. All levels of fitness are catered for he and really gets to know and involve the whole class.

Motivation and encouragement come so naturally to Johnny that working out is something to look forward to.

David gray



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