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Do The Crime Pay The TIME...REALLY???

Have you heard the saying Do the crime pay the time when it comes to your weight loss or health and fitness journey? I know as a trainer I used to say this to my clients when they had indulged into food. It might have been a weekend, special occasion like Christmas, Easter, Birthday or a family occasion. It might have been you were on holidays and you just let your hair down and enjoyed your time away.

Then the time comes when you restart your exercise and nutrition regime. You might at the start feel slow or you can feel the extra kilos on your body. Then people start to stay “Do the crime and now its time to pay the time”

So why is enjoying yourself a crime? I remember hearing this when I was on my weight loss journey. It is like when people eat and exercise for 6 days in the week and then on a certain day which might be more than likely a Saturday or Sunday its a “cheat day”.

Looking back now on both of these topics and the language used, it sounds negative; like you have done something wrong. It’s a crime or you cheated. How about you reframe both of these and instead used language like, I have earned my enjoyment or I am balancing out my lifestyle and factoring in a feast day or feast meal.

I have touched on this subject on a previous video called “Feast & Fasting” Where I speak about the natural process that we as humans feast and fast. It has been done for 1000’s of years but we just happen to be feasting more that fasting. So don’t worry about the one high calorie meal, day or weekend. As long as you back it up with a fast. The one advice I can give you is if you go back to normal after the feasting time it is not a balance. BUT if you fast you will even things out. For example the next few days or week you might have 2 meals instead of 3 or you cut out snacks or you might just calorie count for a few days. But again this is a way to enjoy the time when you do feast and not having any guilt behind it.

Unfortunately what happens is people stress their body on weekends with food and or alcohol then punish their body with a workout on Monday or maybe 2 workouts. Is this how you want your lifestyle to be? Stress with food and body? Just enjoy your food and enjoy your workouts. If you put your body under stress you will struggle to lose weight and body fat.

Now how good would it feel to eat a treat you enjoy or you are craving? How good would it be to just have a high calorie meal or day? Well you can but it all comes down to your mindset. Now I am not saying after watching this video to raid your cupboard or fridge or to get in the car and go through a drive through of a fast food company. Because it all comes down to asking yourself a few questions. First one is once I eat a high calorie meal or have a drink or two am I going to feel guilty after it? Now if the answer is no then awesome enjoy what you are about to have as you have attached what you are having in a positive way. But if the answer is YES then rethink firstly about having it and secondly why you are going to feel guilty . Is it because you feel you haven’t earn this as it has been happening more than not or is it because you will let yourself down after it and know that once you stop you are not sure how it end?

Talking to clients about this who answer with not feel guilty the feedback is that firstly they have earn it and have factored it in their weight loss or health and fitness journey. Secondly they know that after they do finish it that they can get back to normal and continue on with their journey. I have even had clients who have factored in a treat and when it comes time that say “hmmmm I actually don’t feel like it”. I get curious when they say this as the same answer comes up “Johnny I feel like when it came it wasn’t as exciting as I thought” or I have heard “I have worked so hard and I just don’t crave that food or drink anymore” As a wellness coach this is an awesome answer as I know that they have make to lifestyle change and they know the feeling of being overweight and that feeling out ways the feeling of the enjoyment of food. BUT this is not saying they waver but just enjoy the new lifestyle. This might be due to clothes size, health turn around like blood sugar levels or heart concerns.

The key is not to feel guilty about what you are having and be conformable in yourself with an enjoyment with food or drink. This is freedom with your mind and body and once you are there it an an amazing feeling. Freedom with nutrition choices and freedom with exercises routine. Know that you can waver from either without the guilty and have the motivation to start again is one of the keys to knowing you have a successful health and fitness lifestyle

If you are struggling and want help with this please contact me and together we can kick start your journey or you are struggling to restart your journey

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