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Scales Don't Tell Your Weight Loss Journey

When It comes to the beginning of your weight loss or health and fitness journey the first thing we all do is hop on the scales to determine what damage we are beginning with and what weight we are starting at. Yes this is a good way to track yourself but it’s not the be all and end all. I will share later what I do with my clients around this.

First thing we need to do is own the number on the scales. We may look at it and be annoyed or disappointed in the number and what we have become. However, we can’t go back, only forward. The number is not the only thing we should be gauging but unfortunately sometimes we can let it consume us.. I totally get this as I was doing this when I lost my weight loss of 30kg. When the numbers start to decrease, it keeps us motivated but when we see them increasing, we start to doubt ourselves, what we are doing and sometimes give up and think it’s all too challenging. But what would happen if I encourage you all to not let the scale dictate your weight loss journey.

Firstly think about the reason why you are starting this journey. It might be because of a clothes size, you strive to wear again, improving your health, mental health or a fitness goal. I again encourage you to let this be your motivator.

Sometimes the challenging part is when you begin your journey you are mentally ready to make a change BUT we have to remember to let the physical side catch up to the mental side. So during this journey it is impotent to remain patient. Patience can be challenging over this time.

When I talk to new clients I always acknowledge their position of them being mentally ready but advise them the physical side needs to catch up to the mental side.

Now from my personal training experience and client feedback, how fast this happens depends on the changes with sleep patterns, water, intake nutrition and exercise. Of course from what I’ve seen everyones journey is different. I know I can honestly say that I have done this and I am sure most people out there when the scales indicate no weight loss or increase they compare themselves to others and their journeys. This is due to our own expectations and what others have done as explained in a previous video called “Dangers of comparing yourself to others results” which I talk about how this can an advantage or disadvantage you with your journey. So for more insights on this I highly recommend watching it. I will share the link with you on this video.

Some other ways that you can gauge your journey is by your energy levels. As a trainer this is what I l suggest to clients so they are made aware of this and are starting off on the right track. I believe in this as well as am going by client feedback who have achieved a big weight loss that what kept them going was their energy levels. Having more energy is a great indicator of a successful weight loss journey. Next thing you can start to do is look at yourself visually. Even if you are the only one to see the pictures get someone you know and feel comfortable with to take of you. Another way, is getting an average of 7-8 hours sleep which will enable you to eat the right food and not putting your body under too much stress. By sleeping those hours and clean eating this is also a successful achievement in achieving a great outcome to weight loss.Mental health and mental clarity can be another way to see if what you are doing is working and this awesome an amazing motivator.

When I first take a client on board I take their measurements first, then we do weight which also involves muscle mass, bodyfat, water percentage, visual fat reading and body age. Then we chat about what we want to achieve not only short or long term but month to month as I have found this keeps them on track with their short and long term goals. Plus as the journey continues I have found goals get ticked off and new ones get set as now the confidence and belief is now there. Weight loss turns into muscle mass or body fat or visual fat reduction or age is coming down. Now did I mention number on the scales for weight loss? Please remember scales don’t tell your weight loss journey.

Imagine 12 months later you lose 30kgs and someone said to you “Wow look at you, you have lost a lot of weight” You can respond with “Yes but I am now able to fit in a size 10 or 32” inch jeans or I can now run around with my kids or I can fit into clothes I dreamed off and lastly I feel so good about myself my mind is clearer and I my depression and mood swings are a thing of the past. These are responses from my clients. To read more stories visit my website and look under success stories and see for yourself. Remember the number on the scales going down are a BONUS as the other benefits out way this.

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