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Returning on the Health & Fitness Wagon After Special Occasions

Ok, so a special occasion has just finished. This could be Easter, Christmas, Holidays, Birthday or Family event. I feel in my time as a wellness coach that the longer the occasion goes for the more challenging people find it to get on track on the health and fitness journey.

Now let’s take Christmas for an example. The reason why I am going to use this as an example is I feel it is most challenging one as it gets drawn out for the longest.

What I like to do with my clients is firstly set out a plan around this. Yes enjoy the time with family and friends but also I like to chat about what is going to happen once it finishes. I feel that if you are prepared to eat more and let yourself go, then you must be prepared for the outcome at the end of it. This is important from a mindset side of it.

First you need to set yourself a start day to restart your journey. So again the example is Christmas so the beginning date might be the day after New Years Day. One advice I can give you is do not jump on the scales to see the ‘damage’ you have done. I feel when people do this they get hard on themselves and then either go 2 ways, they don’t restart or thrash themselves in a workout. But if you want to hop on them for motivation then that is fine but don’t let the figures change your mood to a negative and think about this before you hop on them. Again look back and think yes I enjoyed myself but I know that I have the tools get back on track which is just going back to how you were before the special occasions started.

Like any weight loss and health and fitness journey the key is patience and consistency which is going to equal results. This is a big key when getting back on the wagon

Remember weight-loss is done through your nutrition and exercise is about physical and mental health. Both work hand in hand. So please avoid starving yourself and thrashing yourself with workout routines.

With nutrition just let your body get back into a fast burning state with clean eating and keeping away from refine sugars and carbohydrates and eating more protein, high healthy fats and fibre foods. Stay away from snacking and remember to fast more than you feast as more than likely you have been feasting more than you have been fasting so time to reverse this. With exercising just have a plan on each day what you looking at doing. Aim for 3 to 4 workouts in the week and do something you love doing as this is the key as you will stick to it. In the workouts make sure there is weight resistance exercises and a least one outside walk.

John Musumeci

Wellness Coach

Aspire Boxing Health & Fitness


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