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Dangers Of Comparing Yourself To Others Results

When it come to beginning your weight loss or health and fitness journey one thing you want avoid apart from simple carbohydrates or sugars is comparing yourself to someone else. This might be an ins tram model or someone that you know. But remember you don’t know the journey they have had to get there or how they have done it. All you want is the end result and as fast as you can as we live in a society of instant gratification.

When you attach your journey on to someone else or you compare yourself to someone else It can be dangerous. I guess you next question is why? I feel in my time as a wellness coach that when this happens it can be mentally challenging due to high expectations. If you don’t reach what the other person has done than you feel like you have failed. If there is one word I don’t like to hear from clients it’s the word failed or failure. There is not such thing but feedback.

But if you using someone else as motivation this can be a great tool. You could be proud of the other person for what they have achieve and then say to yourself that If they can do it well. Along your journey set yourself goals and be prepared to give yourself positive feedback during this whatever results you are achieving. For example if you have set yourself a short time goal of a weight loss number and by a certain time and you don’t get there then look back and see what you can change moving forward. Taking ownership for your result is power.

This is why they call it a weight loss or health and fitness journey. We celebrate the wins along the way but also we should be prepared to give ourselves feedback when we don’t. One if the things I see people do is they don’t achieve it they say to themselves. This didn’t work I give up. Remember learn from it and then move forward. Trust me if I gave up each time during my nearly 30kg weight loss journey I would have achieve it. I was prepared to give myself feedback during it. Something that I had learn. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is you wether it be a result with your weight. Measurements or workout routine

One thing I love doing with clients is goal setting and doing long and short term goals I find this is a great way to keep them on track mentally. Remember we need to let the physical side catch up the the mental side. How do we do this? By being patient and consistent in what we are doing.

Johnny Musumeci

Wellness Coach | Aspire Boxing Health & Fitness


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