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Why Low Carb for Weight Loss Works

When it comes time to losing weight reducing your carbohydrates is a great way to get rapid weight loss happing. I have seen people and personally myself how by doing this it works.

In a book called “Life in the Fasting Lane” they explain that our body releases satiety hormones to tell us when to stop eating and once it kicks in it’s extremely difficult to eat more. This responds primarily to protein and dietary fats. This activates stomach stretch receptors.

This is why when you eat protein, high fats and food with fibre it is a slow release into your body which means that you will feel fuller for longer which means you are not going to keep snacking due to being hungry.

Now let’s look at the background of carbohydrates and what it does to your body. Now we are going to touch on your simple and refine carbohydrates which are in most breads, rice, pasta and of course junk food. When simple carbohydrates are produced all the fibre is striped out of the process stage. These foods are now going to be high in sugar and refine carbohydrates which increases your body sugar levels which releases insulin and glycogen into your liver and stores as body fat. Which means now this is going to not take up much space in your stomach and not activating your stomach stretch receptors due the lack of protein, good fats and fibre

Hence why are you not satisfied for long when eating food like bread, pasta and rice. Yes you will be full for maybe and hour or 2 but then you will more than likely be hungry again and then the snack come in and the increase calories begin.

This is why I have said before that Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day but they way you break your fast is. Consuming a high protein, good fats and fibre meal is going to be more beneficial such as eggs, avocado, nuts, dark meats, cold press olive oil and legumes rather than a high carb, high sugar meal such as breakfast cereal or white bread with jam on it or sugary drinks such as morning coffee with sugar and low fat milk


Let your body use body-fat as your main energy source which can only happen if you let your liver deplete of sugars and move your body into a mild ketosis stage. You will also fine when this happens not only will you lose weight, drop body-fat but also you energy levels will increase and you will be more mentally alert. Which all sound good to me when it comes to weight loss or improving your health and fitness.

Also people who have kidney damage, individuals at risk for heart disease, pregnant or nursing women, people with type 1 diabetes please talk to your doctor before looking into doing this.

Johnny Musumeci

Wellness Coach

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