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Sharing Your Journey

When it comes time to beginning your weight loss or health and fitness journey I feel from experience and what I have seen in my clients it is great to share what you are doing with someone. This is firstly for motivation which keeps you accountable to someone and secondly, when you tell someone you are mentally ready to make a change.

There a few other ways you can share your journey but you have to be prepared for the positives and the negatives. I am going to go through 3 ways you can share you journey. Firstly letting the close people around you know. Now this might be your partner, close friend, family member or members or flatmate. I find these are important as when you are making changes to your lifestyle whether it be, sleep, nutrition or exercise then they understand why you are making the change and secondly how. This will hopefully add support when it comes time to doing things in your home or when you are out and about. For example food shopping, cooking, time out to exercise or maybe you go to bed earlier or sleep in more to improve your sleep.

Now the challenges when communicating your health journey, it could be that the person or people that you have told could be negative about it. Firstly I recommend not to get defensive when this happens, listen and hear the other person out. Once you have done this I recommend that acknowledge and appreciate their concern and explain that it is about improving YOUR health and that you will make sure it will not impact them but that you would like them to understand why.

Remember this is your journey but at the same time don’t push it onto them either and they are not obliged to join. This is about you and not them. If they want to join they will offer but until then you have explain why and how you are doing it and acknowledge and you appreciate and understand where they are coming from.

Now the second way you can share is via social media. Again like telling people around you you have to be prepared of the positives and the negative reaction. After speaking to a number of clients some do or don’t share their journey on social media. Let’s quickly talk about the feedback from clients who do. I have a client by the name of Michael. Now Michael has lost over 30kg with me. He has shared his journey on social media. When speaking to him he says that this keeps him motivated and accountable and also has the mindset of sharing so he could inspire or motivate someone else. He said yes I am going to get negative people face to face or via social media but I don’t entertain it and focus on the positive response. To me this is the PERFECT mindset to have when sharing it on social media.

Now coming from a negative side is that when you start sharing your journey people are again going to be positive or negative. So another one of my clients Maddy who is currently on her health and fitness journey has chosen not to share anything on her social media as she doesn’t want to hear negative feedback and wants to stay focused but she will share it when she gets to her goal and then share her journey. She said that by doing the she is keeping herself motivated by keep a log of her journey and also posting the end result. Which again is a PERFECT mindset.

With all my clients I have a private group page which Is a safe and friendly environment in which they can either share or not but they know that we are all here so support so there is no negative talk. To date most have share it again for motivation, accountability and support. For example even though Maddy has not share it on her public social media she has shared It with the private group in which she has had great support and kept her on track.

So which ever way you want to go is perfectly ok. What ever motivates and keeps you on track is a win win.

Johnny Musumeci

Wellness Coach

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