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Reducing or Cutting Out Refine Sugars in your Diet

I have spoken about cutting out sugar will help you lose weight and the facts around it. I have been asked a number of times how to cut it out of your daily diet. So today I am going to share some tips on how to give up sugar.

Now sugar is a drug and we use it as reward system much the same way as drugs and we can get addicted to it. When we denied ourselves of it we go through a withdrawal stages. So here are a few things to help you with this.

First thing you need to make sure that you get enough sleep. You would like to aim for 7 or more hours per night. When you are awake more than you should be your hormone cortisol increases and also often increase craving for sweet food. Hence the last night snacking or the early morning sugary foods such as jam spreads, cereals and sugary drinks.

Now let’s talk about food. Include dark meats into your diet such as beef, lamb and chicken legs. If you are vegan or vegetarian then look at eating eggs, wholegrain, nuts, mushrooms asparagus and legumes. Be careful of packaged vegan foods are they could be packed with chemicals and hidden sugars

“I Quit Sugar” Sarah Wilson suggests that we often use sugar as reward such as chocolate, chips and lollies. Replace sweets with protein or fats treats. Things like grilled halloumi, walnuts. At a restaurant order extra calamari or cheese platter. Macadamia or almond spread as well. Another way is to reward yourself in a different way like use the money to buy clothes or something that you have given yourself as a reward for your achievement.

Sarah also suggests when first giving up sugar you must quit ALL of it which includes fruit, fruit juice, and honey. Nutritionist advise to just cutting out the added sugar. But a lot of the sugar experts agree it’s best to get rid of all of it at first, so you can break the addiction and then recalibrate.

Also stay away from sugar free products as these have chemicals that are going to trick your body in thinking it is getting food and this will kick start your insulin levels with then will start your fat storing hormones and give you a higher chance of gaining weight. Just because its “sugar free” doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with side effects. Same with low fat or no fat products are the are replaced with sugar for taste.

More than likely you energy with go down in the first 3-7 days but like Sarah side it is about recalibrating yourself and then your body will adapted it this. It is only short term but long term health benefits. Plus your taste buds will go through the roof as now you will be tasting real food not food covered in sugar.

Ref: "I Quit Sugar" - Sarah Wilson

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