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Pick your Short Battles for Long Term Results

When it comes time to begin a weight or health and fitness journey, you have made the mental choice to make a change to improve yourself. Now this might be due to a light bulb moment or that you have had enough of feeling tired, overweight or unhealthy. All theses reasons are awesome as they have to mean something to you.

When we make this decision it’s a big and important step. This decision is a conscience decision to start making changes to your current lifestyle as what you had been doing before this has gotten you the result you are in. How fast you move purely depends on how much you change. When I say change, I mean changes in sleeping patterns, water intake, nutritional choices and exercising. Some of theses you might find easier than others which is great. You might be great at water intake but your lack of sleep can be a challenging part of your current lifestyle or your exercise is on par but you are struggling with nutrition and water. Whatever you are needing to change is where you need to focus on.

The next step is to focus on how long term you want things to look in all 4 areas. So if you are struggling with sleep look at increasing your sleep each day or simply work on this on certain days. Remember what I said before how fast you move purely depends on how much you change. For example if you need to increase your water from 600 mls to 3 litres you wouldn’t wake up the next day and drink 3 litres as firstly you would be going to the toilet on the first day plus your consistency would be challenging to maintain.

Knowing your long term goals are important as this is your why and the result you want to achieve. Like I teach my client it is about being consistent and patient with this journey and the results are going to happen. But remember this is a lifestyle change and this is how it should be approached. In todays world we look for quick and short term results as we want it NOW. I am ok with nutrition or exercise challenge like 6 week exercise challenge or a sugar free month as for each you have to be mentally ready to be apart of it. But when you start anything like this you should look at it as a kick start and then when the challenges ends you are now on a roll with exercise or nutrition. Again this could also be around a sleep or water intake challenge. Remember the area you are struggling in is the one you need to change and put yourself into a new routine to get you closer to you Long term goal that you want achieve.

So the key in all of this is to pick your short term battles for long term results. As human being we are designed to feast and fast so when you have a special occasion where you nutrition is not on par then enjoy it but then get back to normal life and fasting after feasting to even out what you have done. Don’t go to an occasion being the person who just had a salad or a bowl of vegetables. When you are in an exercise routine and you have firstly found something you enjoy which keeps you motivated and consistent but then you might feel like missing a day or two. Remember it might be that you are away on holidays or you have a family or friends event. That one or two missed workouts aren’t going to do much damage. We all have to listen to our body for rest days plus not putting too much pressure on ourselves.

When it comes to sleep and water I find theses 2 are so important when improving you health and fitness but also helping with weight loss. If you get a night that you don’t get your full sleep you will feel it then next day or the day after. When we get lack of sleep it can then increase your sugar cravings and increase insulin levels. For more insights on this I have a video called “Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss” where I share insights and tips around this and I highly recommend to watch this. I will share this on the video below.

With water intake this can be challenging given the time. For example I could be summer and your intake is high then winter hits water intake is more challenging. For example you I struggle with plan water so for me I find it easy to drink sparking water with a lemon and this is how I overcome my water intake.

What you have to do is find something that works for you that keeps you consistent and then be patient with you journey. Focus on the long term result and pick your short term battle. When you do waver or get off track then give yourself feedback and use this when it comes up next time. This is why they call it a weight loss or health and fitness journey. Trust me I have trip in my own journey but I am my worst critic and use it as feedback. But please me when you do achieve you result you have changed your lifestyle and you have a higher chance of maintaining you weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle and knowing that you don’t need to sweat the small stuff.

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Wellness Coach

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