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How can you not gain weight but still be able to enjoy special occasions like Birthday’s, Easter, Christmas or Family gatherings? It all comes down to feasting and fasting.

Now lets firstly talk about the act of fasting. Fasting is about refraining yourself from eating at specific times. This might be 12, 16, 20 or 24 hours as this was something that has been going on for centuries and it is apart of every region out there. Plus it was what was done in caveman times due to limited supply of readily available food. As they didn’t have access to Uber, Drive-thru or supermarkets as we do today.

Now let's talk about feasting. Feasting is about the act of choosing to eat for a specific amount of time. We are designed as humans to either feast or fast. Feasting should be a period of around 1 hour and eating healthy foods and being mindful of when you are full and enjoying what you are eating and having a good relationship with your food. What I meant about that not eating fast and not eating in front of a tv, phone in the kitchen or in the car for some examples. Also try to stick to health fats foods, organic and whole as these will fill you up faster and keep you full for longer as your body will love it.

But I am a realist as well feasting does not always mean eating perfectly as well. Even fit and healthy people indulge in unhealthy foods. These days I eat 90 percent healthy and 10 percent I enjoy unhealthy foods. Also don’t count calories. Eat until you feel satisfied and comfortable, don’t overeat of keep snacking during the day as these are keys to the feasting state.

We all deserve to enjoy foods. If you do fasting like me that this is our choice and we can end it at anytime but the people around us need to see that we feast as well and that we are not starving ourselves and we have a healthy attitude and we love eating delicious foods and enjoy what we are eating. I have found fasting has made me enjoy healthy food more and especially giving me a guilt free feeling when I am eating my 10 percent of unhealthy foods. Which also shows family and friends that we are real people.

Now also remember when eating lots of refine carbohydrates and sugars will prevent your body’s natural hormones and cause you to gain weight. I always plan ahead and schedule a longer fast after a feast which has included refine carbohydrates and sugars which will burn any stored food energy and lower my insulin level and as I have said before make me fill guilt free for eating it.

Please remember feasting and fasting is a natural human being cycle. When eating at special occasions enjoy the time with family and friends, laugh. This can be used when it comes time to going away as well. But remember to fast between theses occasions.

Written & Published by John Musumeci

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