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Is Breakfast the most important meal of the day? Well, let’s look at the work the word

breakfast. It means the meal that breaks our fast. Which in most terms is mostly when we are sleeping and not eating. I feel that it needs to be just called a meal not the most important meal. We have been informed that if we don’t eat breakfast our metabolism will slow down which has been proven false. Studies have shown that our portion size at lunch and dinner are constant even without breakfast. Studies like ‘The Bath Breakfast Project” show that this is untrue. People seem to force themselves to eat breakfast to lose weight and some people confess to not being hungry first thing in the morning.

These days people are in a rush in the morning and find the easiest, most convent and sometimes cheapest thing to consume. This is more than most a high processed food filled with simple carbohydrates and sugars. Some examples are breakfast cereals, bread which is often eaten with sugar filled jam or peanut butter or even instant oats, fruit juice. Which again people think it is healthy, but it is just refined sugars and carbohydrates.

I am not saying don’t eat breakfast but ask yourself in the morning “am I hungry?” If not, it is ok not to eat but if you are hungry then eat. BUT stay away from the refine sugars and carbohydrates which are going to make you hungry again in a few hours.

Some things to look at are eggs. There are so many ways to eat them. Other things are greek yogurt with berries or even salmon with a salad or green vegetables. It is ok to have breakfast or break your fast at midday but also it is ok to break it in the morning. Just break it the right way. We want to avoid the increase of insulin levels so early in the morning which will raise your sugar levels and increase your chances of gaining weight as increase will activate your fat storing hormone and it does matter how much you exercise you are going to give yourself a higher chance of gaining weight.


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